Top Levitating Objects 2017

Levitation can elevate household products from ordinary to nearly magical. New advances with levitation are being made all the time. We've put together a list to highlight some of the best and most extraordinary items created recently in the field of levitation and design.

FLYTE Levitating Bulb

flyte levitating bulb

Distinguished as one of TIME magazine’s Best Inventions of 2016, FLYTE’s signature levitating lamp features an LED bulb delicately levitating over an elegant wooden base. The LED is powered through the air via induction, allowing the bulb to light up. 

'Making Weather' Levitating Speaker 

levitating cloud
This ingenious floating cloud functions as a Bluetooth speaker and, as an extra detail, it features sound-sensitive LED lights.

LYFE Levitating Planter

flyte lyfe planter inspiredbyflyte
FLYTE's floating flower pot features a beautiful geodesic planter levitating over an oak base. The levitating planter is equipped with a special reservoir to prevent overwatering and is a perfect fit for a wide variety of different plants.

ZeroN Levitating Interface

Designed by researchers at MIT's Media Lab, ZeroN is a levitational interface, that is to say, a space with computer-controlled magnetic levitation. A metal sphere levitates above the space, where it can be manipulated manually and by a computer simultaneously.   


Hoverboards have been a concept in the popular imagination for decades! One company has been experimenting since 2013 and has managed to levitate their hoverboard, although it's still limited to specific spots with non-ferromagnetic conductors. 

STORY Levitating Timepiece 

FLYTE’s newest project is not only the world's first levitating clock, it's also unique because of its vertical levitation. The metal sphere levitates around a wooden base, and allows for different modes of customization: regular clock setting; a timer for day-to-day activities; and journey mode, for counting down to an event in one's life.     

Float Table

floattable magnetic table floating table

Rock Paper Robot's 'Float Table' is a cleverly designed matrix of wooden cubes held together by magnets. The table is stable but contorts upon touch due to the magnets moving in the direction that they're touched.

Cliq Magnetic Hangers 

levitating hanger

Latvian-designed Cliq hangers fulfill their function without a need for a hook. They also comfortably stack themselves by connecting their magnetic tops together. Practical and stylish! 

Floating Bed

levitating bed floating bed levitation top levitating objects

At over a million dollars, this levitating bed is more of an art piece than a practical item. Nonetheless, its gravity-defying mattress, which can hold nearly one ton of weight, is an impressive feat of magnetism.