Air Plants (ships to US only)

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* Ships to US only *

Due to customs regulations, we cannot ship Air Plants to customers outside the United States. 

Each air plant is unique so it might look slightly different from those pictured online. Just so you know, we always try to hand-pick the best ones for you!


Air Plant Brachycaulos Hybrid 

Tillandsia Brachycaulos is originally found in the cloud forests of Mexico and Guatemala. It begins it's life cycle with green, velvety leaves. Transitioning into bloom, its color gradually changes into beautiful pink and eventually emits a purple, pink or yellow flower!  This air plant loves being placed in bright, natural light spots. Average height: 9-11 cm.


Air Plant Juncea

An air plant with a characteristic grass-like appearance, Tillandsia Juncea forms a spectacular clump over time. During its blooming period it produces a magnificent long-lasting red bract with small purple flowers!  Care needs to be taken that the tips of the plant receive adequate water as they might dry out and turn brown otherwise.  Average height: 15-20 cm.


Air Plant Caput Medusae

As its name implies, Tillandsia Caput Medusae has beautiful snake-like tendrils that resemble the hair on the mythological Medusa's head. Average height: 10-15 cm.